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A simple interactive robot to promote computational thinking

Frontiers in Computer Science

2022 | journal-article

Iodine status, dietary iodine intake and iodized salt in school-aged children in São Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal


2022 | journal-article

Learning Objects in the Educational Context: The Perspective of Teachers in the Azores

Education Sciences

2022 | journal-article

Improving information system design: Using UML and axiomatic design

Computers in Industry

2022 | journal-article

Nutritional Risk Screening in Azorean Hospitalized Children: A Portuguese Validation Study

Portuguese Journal of Pediatrics

2022 | journal-article

A Toolkit for Re-Mar to Enhance Classroom Ocean Literacy

2022 | book-chapter

Bringing Underused Learning Objects to the Light: A Multi-agent Based Approach

2022 | book-chapter

Climbing a Volcano: A New Robotic Competition

Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems

2022 | book-chapter

Communication in Educational Robots: From Coordination to IoT Systems

2022 | book-chapter

Azoresbot v2: A new robot for learning robotics and science at schools

2021 IEEE International Conference on Autonomous Robot Systems and Competitions (ICARSC)

2021 | conference-paper

Azbot-1C: An Educational Robot Prototype for Learning Mathematical Concepts

2021 | book-chapter

Enhancing Learning Object Repositories with Ontologies

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing

2021 | book-chapter

Integration of UML Diagrams from the Perspective of Enterprise Architecture

2021 | book-chapter

Paper-Code-Az: Steps for Assembling a Paper-Code for an Educational Robotic System

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing

2021 | book-chapter

Recommending Metadata Contents for Learning Objects Through Linked Data

2021 | book-chapter

Uso de Ontologias num Repositório de OAs sobre o Mar

2021 | newspaper-article

Who, why and how: stakeholder attitudes toward marine non-indigenous species management in Portuguese Atlantic Islands

Ocean & Coastal Management

2020 | journal-article

Azoresbot: An Arduino Based Robot for Robocup Competitions

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing

2020 | book-chapter

Contribution for Validation of a Questionnaire about Carbohydrate Count and Insulin Dosage in Youth with Type 1 Diabetes Intensive Insulin Therapy

Revista Portuguesa de Endocrinologia, Diabetes e Metabolismo

2020 | journal-article

SEA-THINGS: A Project to Improve the Ocean Literacy in the Azores

Arquipelago – Life and Marine Sciences. Supplement 11

2020 | conference-paper

O padrão OBAA no desenvolvimento de repositórios de objetos de aprendizagem

Revista de Ciências da Computação

2019 | journal-article

O Padrão OBAA No Desenvolvimento de Repositórios de Objetos de Aprendizagem: O Caso de Literacia Dos Oceanos Nos Açores

Revista de Cîencias da Computação

2019 | journal-article

SIMSEA: A Multiagent Architecture for Fishing Activity in a Simulated Environment

Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence

2019 | conference-paper

The OBAA standard for developing repositories of learning objects: the case of Ocean Literacy in Azores

2019 | journal-article

A biobjective feature selection algorithm for large omics datasets

Expert Systems

2018 | journal-article

A decision-support system for municipal management

This paper describes a decision support system for providing indicators to support management decisions in a local government organization, the municipality of Lagoa - S. Miguel, Azores. The work includes modeling, using the UML notation, the creation of the relational database MySQL, algorithms for data collection using PHP, and forecasting models in R. Users have access to predictions made by di

2018 | journal-article

As cidades das coisas ligadas

2018 | newspaper-article

O primeiro levantamento geral de medidas de capacidade portuguesas (1817-1819) Uma abordagem multidisciplinar

Universidade dos Açores \ Centro de Estudos Humanísticos

2018 | book

A Feature Selection Algorithm Based on Heuristic Decomposition

2017 | book-chapter

Matemática : de Oito ao Infinito

Universidade dos Açores

2017 | book

Technology and innovation in agriculture: The Azores case study

International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies

2017 | journal-article

A essência da gastronomia na valorização cultural: a aplicação do conceito Slow Food nos Açores

TMS Algarve 2016

2016 | conference-abstract

Big Data in SATA Airline

International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security

2016 | journal-article

Big data in SATA Airline: finding new solutions for old problems

2016 | journal-article

Dairy Farming Systems’ Adaptation to Climate Change

Agricultural Sciences

2016 | journal-article

The gastronomy essence in cultural valorization : the case of Slow Food in the Azores

2016 | working-paper

Um Sistema de Apoio à Decisão para a Gestão Autárquica

Revista de Ciências da Computação

2016 | journal-article

A decision support system for municipal budget plan decisions

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing

2015 | book

Automatic web based iterative optimization of safety stock and order quantity under gaussian demand and lead time

2015 | journal-article

Facebook vs Moodle no apoio ao ensino fora das aulas

2015 | newspaper-article

Facebook vs moodle: Surveying university students on the use of learning management systems to support learning activities outside the classroom

2015 10th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, CISTI 2015

2015 | conference-paper


Quantitative Modelling in Marketing and Management

2015 | book-chapter

Science, technology and innovation efficiency assessment of 32 countries by Data Envelopment Analysis

Atas do 4 o Encontro Nacional de Engenharia e Gestão Industrial

2015 | journal-article

Um sistema de apoio à decisão para a gestão autárquica

2015 | journal-article

A Lógica Produtiva em Produtores de Leite Micaelenses

Seminário Agricultura e Ambiente: Conflito de lógicas produtivas?

2014 | conference-paper

Planeamento de Explorações Agropecuárias Sustentáveis: Uma abordagem multicritério

Investigação operacional em ação: casos de aplicação

2014 | book-chapter

A feature selection approach in the study of azorean proverbs

Exploring Innovative and Successful Applications of Soft Computing

2013 | book

Animal grazing system efficiency

Efficiency Measures in the Agricultural Sector: With Applications

2013 | book

Avaliação de monografias: uma proposta para maior objectividade.

2013 | report

Azorean agriculture efficiency by PAR

Efficiency Measures in the Agricultural Sector: With Applications

2013 | book