Health and Well-being

Coordinator: Miguel Castelo Branco (CIBIT)

Co-Cordinators: João Vilaça (2AI), Jorge Milhazes Freitas (CMUP)

Timely challenges related to Active Ageing, Personalized Health and Assisted Living, Biomedical Informatics and Systems, Improved diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers based on BIG DATA approaches and stimulate the research and contribution of new methodological solutions and its application in realistic clinical and non-clinical contexts.

The thematic line has 4 main strategic objectives, which are:

  • Active Ageing, personalized health, ambient assisted living, smart interventions (SO1);
  • Biomedical Informatics Systems (SO2);
  • Brain Computer Interfaces and Medical Robotics (SO3);
  • Health ergonomics, occupational safety and security (SO4).