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Institute of Polymers and Composites (IPC)

IPC is the unique national research unit totally devoted to scientific and technological advancements on polymer and composite science and engineering. In this field, IPC adopts a multidisciplinary approach, covering and integrating the scientific disciplines of polymer chemistry, physics, engineering and technology. IPC develops basic research and integrative applied R&D into applications. IPC is a multi-disciplinary institute, supporting the development and innovation at leading-edge research and education, addressing fundamental and applied research in polymers and composites science and engineering.

IPC is organised in R&D areas covering scientific and technological aspects, distributed along knowledge and application driven chains. A knowledge pull approach led research from basic to integrative, to applicational R&D. An application push approach drives the integrative and basic R&D activities.

IPC targets the promotion of scientific excellence and innovation on its research area, developing activities at the international leading edge, fostering breakthrough concepts and their practical exploitation. IPC aims at being a flagship R&D centre, internationally recognized and respected, which performs leading-edge R&D activities, leveraging polymer science and technology solutions to meet industry needs and societal challenges.

IPC envisages to contribute for the advancement and application of knowledge in its scientific domains, addressing the following R&D areas:

  • BASIC KNOWLEDGE R&D AREAS – Advanced materials; Advanced manufacturing technologies; Advanced engineering design
  • INTEGRATIVE R&D AREAS – Integration of advanced materials; Integrative manufacturing; Embedding functions into systems; Immersive engineering
  • R&D APPLICATIONAL CHALLENGES – Polymers for advanced applications; Circular economy, Digital transformation.